Photo by Carpe89/iStock / Getty Images

The Cheese Man


From homemade coconut cheesecake to table side preparations of Cacio e Pepe and fresh mozzarella, Joey is innovating the way Italians do cheese every night. 


Joe on the fresh Mozzarella...

"Originally, we used to make the fresh burrata to order for our customers each night in our kitchen. Then one evening, we had a guest question if we really make the cheese homemade straight from the curd. Next thing you know, I am grabbing my bowl and the curd, yelling back to the kitchen to bring the hot water out to the dining room...We just didn't see the point in making it in the kitchen ever since. 
We believe this experience is unlike one you can find anywhere else. We wanted guests to sense they are as close to fresh as they can get, and as close to home as they can feel. What better way than to bring the kitchen to the table."

Our family believes there is only one way to eat cheese, and that's at Cafe 2825.