Table Side Experiences


Handmade Warm BurRata Style Fresh Mozzarella


No matter how many times you've ordered burrata, we're sure you've never experienced it quite like this. It seems the journey is just as important as the destination with this unique table side experience. Burrata style fresh mozzarella is prepared at your table straight from the curd. It is sliced warm for you and your party, accompanied with sauteed tomatoes, and topped with homemade warm ricotta. If you wish, thinly sliced Parma Prosciutto is available as an additional accompaniment.

Small - Serves approximately 2-4                                                                                 Large - Serves approximately 6-8



PolentA on the wooden board


Although it may seem new age, this is actually a traditional style of serving polenta.... and we absolutely love it. Brought out hot in the pot, we serve soft polenta on a wooden board. Next we top it with slow roasted pork red gravy and finish off the dish with Pecorino Romano.

Small - Serves approximately 2-4                                                                                 Large - Serves approximately 6-8



cacio e pepe in the cheese wheel


Enjoy a visual pasta experience as we bring the whole wheel of Rome's favorite Pecorino cheese to your table. As the flames warm the inside of the cheese, freshly prepared pasta is gently tossed into the wheel and coated with 'Cacio e Pepe' or ' Cheese and Pepper'. Though basic in ingredients, this dish is a classic to Rome. This dish is best when shared.

Small - Serves approximately 2                                                         Large - Serves approximately 4



Old World Caesar Salad 


No we don't grow the greens, but we do prepare the best part right in front of you- the dressing! Our family recipe is prepared with Parmigiana Reggiano, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, pasteurized egg yolk, anchovies, Worcestershire, dry mustard and black pepper   

minimum of 2 servings to order